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so how are the children On Tuesday May 6th, Children's Mental Health Awareness Day in NYS, the Collaborative Solutions Network is sponsoring a special surprise event at noon in Dewitt Park in downtown Ithaca. We will be celebrating "So, How Are the Children?" Day, an event based on a powerful tradition of the East African Masai tribe. In the Masai tradition, instead of greeting each other with "How Are You?", they greet each other with the question. "So How Are the Children?" In that culture, if the children are not well, they drop all they are doing to attend to matters at hand. It is felt that the well being of the children is a predictor of the well being of the whole community. Through this great event, the Collaborative Solutions Network and the people of Tompkins County are bringing increased awareness to the importance of the overall well being of our children. It's time to stop and ask: What can we each do to be sure that the "children are well".

The Collaborative Solutions Network is a group of over 200 educators, families and service providers who work together in a community based approach to support the well being of all children, youth and families. For more information, please call 607-227-3291.

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